Our Brand New Pro App Feature, Live Chat!

You know those times you're running 5 minutes behind, the address is incomplete or nobody is answering? You can now 'Live Chat' with your customer when you are 'En Route' to a booking.

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How does it work?

  • Firstly, please download the latest version of the app.
  • Once you have clicked 'En Route' to a booking you are only then able to start a 'Live Chat'.
  • To start a 'Live Chat' press the 'Contact Customer' button within the booking page.
  • Important! You can only 'Live Chat' with customers who have the app. If a customer does not have the app then the 'Live chat with customer' button will not show.
  • Also, you can access 'Live Chat' from the top right-hand side of your 'Home Screen' by clicking the speech bubble icon.
  • Either you OR the customer can start a 'Live Chat' first, so keep an eye on your message alerts.
  • You will receive a push notification every time your customer messages you.
  • The icon on your home screen will turn orange if you have a message from your customer.





You should only use Live Chat if...

  • You are running late
  • You cannot find the address
  • You have arrived at a booking but nobody is answering the door 
  • The address is incomplete 

Please note, all Live Chat is monitored by our team. There is a zero tolerance policy for the use of inappropriate words, swearing or disintermediation. If you are found to be rude to our customers, we will close your account with immediate effect. 

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