The blow LTD platform uses a matching system to match customer bookings to pros. Bookings will be sent to pros who have said they are available at the booking time, can deliver the service requested and work in the area requested. 

All available pros will be queued and will be sent the booking in priority order. Each pro will have 2 minutes to accept the booking before it is sent to the next pro in the queue. After this 2 minutes, you may still accept the booking, as long as another pro has not accepted it.

Pros are queued based on their average rating (average of all customer ratings received) and availability (how many peak hours the pro has available). We monitor professionals acceptance rate (how many bookings a pro has accepted as a proportion of the booking requests they have seen), but this does not affect how many bookings they are sent. These factors are weighted - the most important thing is availability and then average rating.

For example, imagine a customer makes a booking at 5:30pm in Area 1...


If you would like to move up in the priority queue - you can set more peak hours or improve your average rating!

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