I want to work more! What should I do?

We want all our pros to be able to work as much as they like! To get more bookings - we recommend the following:

  • Set your availability for 12 weeks advance
  • Set your availability to include more peak times for your skill, evenings and weekends
  • Consider travelling further for appointments, particularly to the centre of the city - the more areas you have set, the more appointments you will receive push notifications for
  • Ask customers for ratings. The more 5* ratings you receive, the better your quality score, and therefore your profile will rank higher up for incoming bookings in your areas
  • Accept last minute bookings
  • Consider cross-training in another skill. If you would like to cross train in Hair or Nails in London, please contact academy@blowltd.com. If you would like to add another skill to your profile, please contact careers@blowltd.com.

If you have done all of the above and are still finding you're not getting enough appointments, email pro@blowltd.com and Lucy, our community manager, will be able to help you.

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