What are the rules and procedures for Attendance and Quality?

Attendance Rules & Procedures

You should be committed to ensuring you have no attendance issues on the platform.  Attendance issues refer to the following:

  • Not showing up to bookings - If you fail to turn up to a booking.
  • Being late to bookings - If you arrive more than 15 mins late to a booking, either with or without notifying us.
  • Cancelling bookings within 24h of them starting - Cancelling (or pushing out) bookings within 24 hours of the booking start time.

We have a strike system for attendance issues over a four week rolling period.  For lateness and last minute cancellations, you will have three strikes.  This means, on your third strike within a four week period, you will be disengaged from the platform. 

For no shows to bookings, you will only have two strikes as we class this as a very serious incident.  On your second no show to a booking within a four week period, you will be disengaged from the platform.

Charges will be applied for lateness and cancellations issue according to the following:

  • First occurrence: £25 charge
  • Second occurrence: £50 charge
  • Third occurrence: £75 charge, and your account will be closed.
  • If you no show to a booking, you will be charged the full RRP.

Quality Rules & Procedures: 

  • Quality: Our minimum required score is 4.6.  If your score falls below this, the compliance team will get in touch.
  • Kit: If you do not complete the quarterly virtual kit check, you will be asked to join the compliance team for a quality check

Other Rules & Procedures:

  • Customer Cancellations: If your customer cancels within 12 hours of the start time, they will be charged and you will be paid.
  • Disintermediation: You are not permitted to give your personal information to blow LTD customers or ask them to re-book you privately. If you are found doing this your account will be immediately closed.

 If you have any issues regarding a current booking, please contact us on customerservice@blowltd.com or call the team on 02071972477 and we'd be happy to help!

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