I work in London, how much can I expect to earn?

Your earnings will vary based on the following:

  • The number of days you choose to work
  • The number and type of areas you are able to work in
  • Your willingness to travel
  • Your willingness to accept last minute bookings
  • The services you provide - cross trained pros (pros who can provide more than one service) can provide more services and therefore tend to earn more than single skilled pros
  • The number of peak hours you choose to work
  • The number of repeat customers you have
  • The season - around key events like Christmas and Halloween, booking numbers tend to be higher
  • The tips you receive from customers

If you are willing to travel across London, work in central areas and work peak hours, you can expect to earn the following monthly (assuming you work 5 days a week):

Please note: These calculations are based on single skilled pros working in London, who are able to work in and around central London, work peak hours and work 5 days per week with blow LTD. Some of our super active pros earn more than this!


If you are a current pro and you would like to earn more you can:

  • Have 12 weeks of availability set
  • Work during peak times for your skill - Please see the table below for peak times
  • Work at the weekends - Saturdays and Sundays are busy!
  • Be willing to travel - We recommend having at least 10 areas set
  • Accept last minute bookings

 If you have tried all of the options above and you are still not getting as many appointments as you'd like - please contact us on pro@blowltd.com and we'll be happy to help. 

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