A customer has asked for my private details - what should I do?

If a customer asks for your private details - please politely decline. Tell the customer they can rebook you through the blow LTD app if they rate you 5*.

Stealing customers is known as disintermediation and is forbidden in the contractual agreement professionals sign when they join blow LTD. If professionals are found to be doing this - they will be disengaged from the app with immediate effect. This contractual agreement also applies 12 months post service (after you have left blow LTD) - you may not privately book customers who have booked you whilst you were working with blow LTD for the 12 months after you have left.

We conduct 10 mystery shops per week with a variety of customers to spot check quality, customer service and any professionals giving out their private details. We invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in marketing - we're committed to growing your customer base and we ask our professionals to work with us to continue to build this.


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