I've been disengaged from the platform - why?

There are 3 reasons why a professional may be disengaged from the platform:

  1. If your quality score is below 4.6 and/or attendance incidents have happened that have had a detrimental effect on customer experience (e.g. Attendance, Lateness). It's important that our customers have a 5* experience every time - and poor service quality or customer service can adversely affect this. Please see our T&Cs for more information on this.
  2. If you are not active on the platform and have not completed a booking for over 2 months. It's important to us that all professionals with an active account are wanting to take bookings (or have notified us of an extended period of leave) - this means we have a good picture of the professionals we have actually working with us and we're not getting in touch with people when they don't want to hear from us!
  3. Disintermediation. If you are found giving your private details to a customer for them to book you - this will result in immediate disengagement and you will not be able to come back to work on the blow LTD platform.

If you have any questions about the above - please email us on pro@blowltd.com

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