I want to start working with blow LTD again, how do I get Hygiene Verified?

Consistent quality and customer delight is critically important to our success - and it will be more than ever when we reopen. This is why we’re dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible hygiene standards at every appointment.

Your health and safety is absolutely paramount to us so this is a mandatory step you must complete to be able to work on the blow LTD platform when we reopen.

Step 1
Thoroughly read the Hygiene Protocol Manual, y
ou must agree to perform the hygiene protocol and wear the required personal protective equipment at every blow LTD service.

Step 2
Purchase your hygiene kit & personal protective equipment (if you haven't already).

You will need to purchase specific hygiene items and personal protective items for your kit - stockists can be found in the Hygiene Protocol Manual. When you get verified, you will be asked to upload a photo of your hygiene items.

Step 3
Complete hygiene online training: 

To ensure we all deliver the highest possible hygiene standards, we ask that you complete a quick online short course to get fully certified. 

We accept the Barbicide® COVID-19 Certification Course which is free of charge at this time. Click here to start the Barbicide® COVID-19 Certification Course. 

We also accept certificates for the Beauty Guild COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Course which is free to members or £20 to non members, click here to start the Beauty Guild COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Course.

 Step 4
In preparation for when we start offering services again, download the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

You must login to it at the start of every working day and fill in the questions. Based on your answers it will indicate whether you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19, if you do show symptoms then you must not work. This is absolutely essential in ensuring you’re healthy and fit to work. 
Step 5
Set your availability in the Pro App so you are ready to start taking bookings here

Step 6
You will need to complete your Hygiene Verification here

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