If you are concerned with your Public Liability Insurance policy, do get in touch directly with your provider and they can advise you. Each provider is offering different advice so it’s worth a quick call to confirm your individual policy. 

We are asking all of our customers to waive any liability to you (and us at blow LTD) to ensure that you are not at risk of any liability if they were to catch COVID-19 as a direct result of you performing their service.

I'm sure you can understand that we need to ask the same of you too. Please see below - 

* You understand that you (the beauty professional) are the provider of the beauty service, it is the responsibility of you to provide the beauty services which may be scheduled through the use of blow LTD software or services.

* You agree to inform blow LTD in advance of the service of any medical condition or any changes in your health or medication condition that may affect the service and fully accept all liability in respect of any required or other cancellation.

*It is understood that, though you and blow LTD are following strict hygiene protocols, you the beauty professional hereby waive and release Blow Ltd and the customer from any and all liability with respect to the contraction or otherwise of the coronavirus or any related aspects in terms of the service.

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