How do I complete a consultation with my customer? 

All blow LTD hair colour services include a zoom video consultation before the service with a blow LTD Colour Expert to discuss the colour and look the customer would like. 

After the customer has made a booking, our customer service team will reach out to schedule a  video consultation between the customer and colour expert.

Following the consultation, the colour expert will write up a diagnosis and provide lots of detailed information about the customer’s hair type, colour and history (including photos). This will be sent to you as a PDF in plenty of time ahead of the service. We have asked all of our customers to complete this at least 72 hours ahead of the booking. 


Customers can be slow with responding to our request to book them in for a consultation ahead of their service so we have now introduced an online consultation form they can complete themselves. They are able to upload a photograph of their own hair alongside any inspiration ones too. 

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