I’m in danger and feel unsafe at a booking, what should I do?

 As a 'by women, for women' business, we are committed to maintaining safe work environments. Through our Pro Safety Text Line, we aim to deliver an additional safeguard to protect our team of excellent therapists.

Your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority so if you are in danger whilst at a booking - please contact the Emergency Services on 999 as a first precaution. After contacting the emergency services, please contact us immediately. 

Please note - This text line is for emergencies only and should never be used to contact our team about bookings, lateness, or any account queries whatsoever (for these kinds of queries call 0207 197 2477).

If you need to leave a booking with haste due to feeling unsafe or are harmed, do not worry about the kit that you have left behind. Please take your phone, handbag and personal effects and leave. We will support you in either getting your kit back via the Police or replacing your kit items. 

We are more than happy to assist with any enquiries or information the police may require. Please let us know immediately and we can give them the correct point of contact here at blow LTD.

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