I have a new Festive Packages booking, what do I need to know?

Our festive packages our designed to bundle our most popular treatments into experiences that customers will love and that you can earn more from! For our festive packages a single pro will complete all services included. 


All Festive Package Pros:

  • Most importantly, these packages are designed to create an at-home-spa experience. Therefore you should always do your upmost to adapt to your clients needs to make them as comfortable and relaxed as possible! 
  • Check the timings for all beauty packages! It's important to keep time in mind when you are completing multiple services at one address as if you run over it could have a large impact on the other services or even future bookings bookings.
  • Relevant Add-on's will be available for customers to book alongside their beauty packages, i.e. gel removal can be added to any package which includes nails. Customers will be advised they need to have towels available for relevant services, please politely ask for these when needed. 

Nail Pros:

  • Whenever a beauty package includes a 'Mani & Pedi' the customer will have the option to choose either classic or gel finish. The cost and time will be given based on gel (as this is longer and more costly), but you must carry both sets of polishes to give the customer a choice!

Massage and Facial Pros: 

  • If the package includes a massage or facial you must carry a massage bed with you to this booking as usual. 

Waxing Pros:

  • All packages including waxing will include "two wax areas". This means that your customer chooses two from the following list; underarm, leg or intimate wax. You must therefore carry both strip (warm) and hot wax to these appointments to ensure you can tailor the service to their needs. 

Hair and Makeup Pros:

  • The "Hollywood Hair" Colour package gives a customer the option to choose either a Full Head of Permanent Colour or Half-head of Highlights. This decision will be made during the virtual consultation and included in the information which you receive ahead of your service. 
  • The "Going Out, Out" package gives the customer a chance to create their own tailored hair and makeup service. The price of this package is based on a Kerastase Blow Dry and Glam Makeup. Please do ensure you carry your full hair and makeup kit for this package to create the perfect look for any customer. 
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