Do I still need to wear a mask, PPE and use sanitising products after March 1st 2022?

Your customer will now have the option to choose if they want you to wear a mask. Please make sure you take plenty of masks to your bookings and if you want to wear a mask regardless please do. 

Our hygiene procedures that include sanitisation of your tools and hands remain mandatory for all pros, scroll to the bottom of this email for a reminder of the sanitisation protocols.  

Please be aware that although self-isolating is no longer mandatory in England if you test positive, we ask that you do not attend customer bookings if you are positive for Covid-19, alert our customer service team immediately and self-isolate for the recommended 5 days


Outlined below are the full blow LTD hygiene protocols you must follow at every booking and the steps you need to take in regards to Covid-19.

Hygiene Protocols:

  1. Sanitise your hands each time you leave public transport and wear a mask if you can while travelling.
  2. Wash your hands with warm water and soap when you arrive at the customers home.
  3. Sanitise all of your tools before each appointment and with the client too.
  4. Ask your customer if they wish for you to wear a mask during the appointment. If you want to wear a mask regardless please do. 

We recommend that you continue to test regularly using the free government rapid lateral flow tests available until the 1st April - find these here. You should contact blow LTD immediately if you test positive as this protects any customer or pro you may have been in contact with.

What to do if you suspect you have Covid-19 or test positive:

  • If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19, come in close contact with a positive case or test positive yourself you should alert the blow LTD customer service team straight away.
  • You should email and give as many details as possible. A member of the team will then follow up with you.
  • This is vital so that we can alert all customers and other pros you have been in touch with as soon as possible. 
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